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"What a great company, and a helpful concept! My only regret is that I didn't sign up for Claims Advisor before having a water leak in my home. That small investment of time and money would have paid huge dividends. After feeling taken advantage of by my insurance company, I contacted Claims Advisor. The Claims Advisor team has been fantastic to work with and has gone above and beyond to help me navigate the complexities of insurance to ensure fair payment for the reconstruction of my home after the water leak. Thanks! If you own a property, primary residence, or investment property, do yourself a favor and use Claims Advisor. If you ever have a claim, their services will be hugely valuable. You will never regret a small investment of time and money to use their services. The work they do is invaluable in advocating for you the homeowner. They treat you like family and I recommend them to all my friends and family."

“I recently used Claims Advisor’s website as part of a claim to my home insurance and I can tell it is a great tool during the entire process. I was able to upload pictures, videos and evidence of the damage and repairs as they were happening, and my public adjuster Joe was able to collect all information he needed for the case in real-time. We saved a lot of emails back and forth and most importantly time. All the material you upload to Claims Advisor will remain there for future reference and that is very helpful.”

“It’s imperative to have a reliable company like ClaimsAdvisor in times of need when there is damage in your house. The experience using the website was easy and the results were fantastic. Thanks to the company’s features on the website, I was able to have a successful claim that paid for my damages and renovations. I strongly recommend you use it. It’s the best in the market.”

"ClaimsAdvisor.com is a great tool to store insurance documents and pictures secured all in one place. It's user friendly! I only wish I was better prepared and took advantage of the system prior to having to file a claim. Don't wait until disaster strikes!”

“During the past few weeks, our experience with ClaimsAdvisor has been incredibly positive. Though my claim filed with my insurance company remains in a pending status, I have found this service to be a particularly useful tool that has allowed us to easily upload documents, photos, and videos related to our claim. Our Public Adjuster has promptly followed up with us to discuss any recently uploaded documents. ClaimsAdvisor is easy to navigate and has helped us organize, share, and retain claim supporting documents. We have been exceptionally pleased and satisfied with the progress our Public Adjuster has made at this stage in our claims process. He and his team have been very professional and punctual on all appointments. We are impressed with the thorough process, and the attention to detail displayed in their reports and estimates. My Public Adjuster has communicated all steps involved, and we look forward to updating this review, detailing our full experience, after the conclusion of our claim.”

“I wanted to take a moment to write about my experience working with Claims Advisor and Joe Perez, Public Adjuster with Aria Consulting, LLC, who handled my insurance claim. Joe was nothing short of excellent. Sign-Up with Claims Advisor took less than one minute and the website was easy to use. Once I set-up my password, I easily uploaded my insurance policy and checked on the status regularly through the site. I easily logged-in and uploaded pictures of my garages, the laundry room, closet, one of the bedrooms and the roof.I was able to quickly check my saved photos and documents, and add additional pictures as my time allowed any time of the day. I also saved important documents that supported my property damage claim. The Claims Advisor service gave me a great peace of mind… to know that photos of my personal belongings in my house are securely stored with Claims Advisor should I ever need to file another claim and need to prove what I lost to my insurance company. When I clicked on Claim Alert, within 15 minutes Joe from Aria Consulting called me to discuss the damages and schedule the first inspection. Afterwards, he filed a Hurricane Irma claim and represented me to my insurance company… with no inconvenience to me. Joe prepared a thorough report of damages with the cost to repair and explained step-by-step the claim processing procedures. He kept me updated on a timely basis and was always available… evenings and weekends he would always answer his phone whenever I had a question.Again, my experience overall was personable, prompt and professional. I will be recommending both Joe, my Public Adjuster and Claims Advisor to anyone who has a claim and is in need of professional service.”

“I used ClaimsAdvisor.com when I had roof damage and water damage in my home. What an awesome place to store all of my insurance claim documents, pictures, list of personal property and any other important document that is worth saving for present and future use. Signing up was a breeze and adding additional pictures and documents, at any time, was quick and easy. Claims Advisor is a service that makes me feel protected and prepared knowing that my photos and documents are securely stored in the Cloud should I ever need to file another claim."

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