Getting Started

Tips How to Easily Get Started

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Step 1

Upload Your Policy

Obtain your Property Insurance Policy and upload it directly into your ClaimsAdvisor account. You'll need the complete policy, including Forms & Endorsements. A homeowners Policy is about 50 pages and a business Policy over 100 pages.

Step 2

Upload Photos

Take 4-6 photos of each room of your home or business to capture flooring, wall and ceiling details including the room's furniture, fixtures and contents, then upload the photos into your ClaimsAdvisor account.

Step 3

3. Upload Receipts

Add invoices, receipts, credit card statements, appraisals and any other document that states a description of any item, and its cost or value, that is covered under your Property Policy.


Find & review your Property Insurance Policy

Any future claim starts with you having a detailed understanding of what your Property Policy covers. This is how you find out if the damages you suffered are covered by your Policy. We can help by letting a Public Adjuster analyze the Policy for you.


Get a copy of your complete Property Insurance Policy.

Upload your complete and current Property Policy to your Dashboard. While a standard Homeowners Policy is 45 to 65 pages and a Business Policy is at least 100 pages, most insurance companies only furnish 4 to 6 Declaration pages, which is insufficient.

The most efficient and convenient way to acquire your complete Policy is by contacting your insurance company's customer service. Reach out directly to their live customer service number and request an email containing the comprehensive Policy, inclusive of Declarations, Forms, and Endorsements.


Take Photos!

Next, it is essential to meticulously document all the articles and belongings that fall under your Property Policy by capturing clear and comprehensive photographs. Conduct a thorough survey of both your home and office spaces, dedicating ample time to each room. Aim to capture 4 to 6 photos per room, ensuring you focus keenly on details.


Add in your room and contents details

If you have a love for extra detail, consider renaming each photo thoughtfully. For instance, use descriptive titles like "Living Room," "Waterford Vase," and "Porcelain Tile 24X24" for better organization and easy identification.


Upload your receipts

Enhance your protective measures by uploading receipts for any item covered under your Property Policy. Whether it's a store receipt or a credit card statement for a couch purchased years ago or a copy of a cancelled check for a refrigerator bought recently, retaining these records is crucial. Keep your Dashboard updated in real-time as you acquire new items, sell or dispose of belongings, ensuring comprehensive and accurate inventory records at all times.


That's it! You'll be all set.

With your policy, photos, and important documents all uploaded you're now prepared with ClaimsAdvisor.

Should you suffer Property Damage, simply login into your account and click on "New Claim Alert" to receive a call from our team within 30 minutes*.


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