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Why do I need ClaimsAdvisor?

Whenever you file a property damage claim, your insurance company requires that you prove what has been damaged and what was the cause, yet neither your agent nor your insurance company typically informs you of this in advance. The burden of proof is on you and your obligations are buried in the text of a lengthy policy.

What's the problem ClaimsAdvisor solves?

We help policyholders be prepared in advance of any damages to make sure they are getting the full value out of any insurance claim they submit.

Because the burden of proof is on you (not the insurance company) and your obligations are buried in the text of a lengthy policy, it's important to be proactive in making sure all your photos and documentation are safe and secure ahead of time.

Shouldn't I call my insurance agent when I have a claim to file?

Yes you should but keep in mind that insurance companies pay fees to your agent for selling you their policy and your agent’s interests may not be the same as yours. Agents make you feel good with pleasant customer service, but when you have a claim, you are on your own to deal with the insurance company.

Shouldn't I call my insurance company when filing a claim?

Yes you should but keep in mind that the Claims Departments in insurance companies are profit centers and not policyholder advocates. Their mission is simple... deny or settle claims for as little money as they can. Insurance companies habitually Delay, Deny and Defend Property Damage Claims.

Without professional help from a Public Adjuster most claims get denied or get settle but are underpaid.

What should I do?

Proactively protect your property and its contents by being prepared for an unforeseen property damage event. No one can predict when you will suffer property damage but when it does happen, you must be prepared to face the settlement resistance from your insurance company.

Being able to prove to your insurance company the pre-loss condition of your property and its contents greatly increases your chances of reaching a just and equitable settlement.

How do I stay prepared before I file an insurance claim?

It’s simple.

In advance of any property damages, you need to have your insurance policy, receipts, and photo inventory of your belongings password protected, encrypted and securely stored in the ClaimsAdvisor Cloud. ClaimsAdvisor makes it simple, easy and safe to be prepared.


What's the difference between a Public Adjuster and an Independent Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed property insurance claims professional who works exclusively on behalf of policyholders to help them prepare, value and file the claim, then negotiate a settlement with their insurance company. An Independent Adjuster, on the other hand, works for or is hired by the insurance company to assess damages and value acting as a representative of the insurance company.

How much does ClaimsAdvisor cost?

ClaimsAdvisor costs only $29.99 annually for all the services listed under Pricing.

How do I setup a ClaimsAdvisor account?

It's super simple to get started with ClaimsAdvisor!

Simply click on Get Started to start setting up your account. Once you've set up your password, you'll see your dashboard and can start uploading your photos, policy and important documents for each property address you register.

When you suffer property damage, speed of response is essential. When you’re with ClaimsAdvisor, the only thing a policyholder has to do is login and tap the “New Claim Alert” red button in their dashboard to receive a Rapid Response call within 30 minutes *.

How do I start my property claims process with ClaimsAdvisor?

ClaimsAdvisor knows the location of the damaged property you registered and the location of the nearest vetted and prequalified Public Adjuster. Once you trigger the New Claim Alert we will call you within 30 minutes to discuss the damages and schedule the crucial first inspection of damages with your Public Adjuster *.

That’s it! Your Public Adjuster will meet with you, conduct the first inspection and start the claims process with your insurance company.



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