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ClaimsAdvisor protects your critical documents and connects you with a network of licensed and vetted Public Adjusters who expedite your property damage claim and maximize the payout.

Wind Storm Damage
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Response time is everything

ClaimsAdvisor ensures that you speak with a qualified and licensed Public Adjuster within 30 minutes of activating your Claim Alert.

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Protect your property

ClaimsAdvisor stores your insurance policy documents and pictures of your protected assets before any damage occurs.

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Maximize your payout

Insurance companies think they can distract us with funny TV commercials, but the truth is there is nothing funny about their desire to reduce the amount of your property damage claim.

Public Adjusters

You might be entitled to a full settlement on your property damage claim, but your insurance company will work harder to reduce the amount of your property damage claim rather than paying the proper amount.

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Account for all your belongings

ClaimsAdvisor itemizes all your belongings for property insurance claim proof and securely backs-up your insurance documents.

Beat the clock

If and when disaster strikes you will hear from a Public Adjuster within 30 minutes of activating a Claim Alert.


Claims are both maximized and paid quickly

A Public Adjuster represents your interests… where the insurance company adjuster will work for the benefit of the insurance company

Policyholders love us!

Insurance companies hate us.

Why choose a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters work on behalf of policyholders to help them recover a proper and equitable settlement on their Property Damage Claims.
Public Adjusters evaluate damage and rebuilding costs, prepare reports for filing your claim, and negotiate with property insurance companies to achieve settlement and expedite payments.

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Policyholders who used a Public Adjuster on catastrophic loss claims increased their property damage claim settlement by 747%.


Average increased recovery amount for insurance claims handled by a Public Adjuster.


Get a call back from a licensed and vetted Public Adjuster within 30 minutes of activating your Claim Alert!

Source: Study by the Office of Program Policy and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) State of Florida published January 2010.

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